Giovanna Fra
Oltre il tempo, senza spazio

Curated by Luca Beatrice

Graphic design for Studio Prodesign

Giovanna Fra’s first monograph collects 25 years of her work as artist. Designing the corresponding book that accompanies the exhibition “Paesaggi sonori” at Rotta Farinelli Gallery in Genoa, the volume documents the artworks in the show and explores her creations.

Giovanna Fra is an italian artist. Her creative vision has favoured the dynamic physicality of colour in relation to the different textures of the material, establishing moments of suspension and rarefaction in the immediacy of the gesture.

Rigorous grid

Weve designed a rigorous grid, in which colour and graphic layout were treated with care to not disturb the reading of the work of art.
The coloured backgrounds follow the path through the artist’s interior landscape.

Di, a, da, in, con, su, per, tra… Fra.
Vittorio Sgarbi

[…] Informal traces of life, as dictated by intangible combinations of bodies and objects to the adopted support, that leave imprecise marks, also when clear, ideograms of writings still waiting for coding, wispy, tending to extrude, decanting gradually until sometimes they brush the limit of disappearance, like small shrouds of events of any kind. Sui generis Rorschach blots that do not have the presumption to reveal anything, if not the nirvanic nothingness as the engine of every legitimate spiritual aspiration, in its infinite wonder, in its irresistible attraction.
Colours of captivating neutrality, evanescent, shimmering, interrupting the uniformity of the deep in a way that is always varied and unpredictable, that offer themselves as alternatives to musical cadences, seemingly random, minimal, potentially limitless.


Concepts are repeated as keywords to remember the creative research between pigment and language.

Graphic design for Studio Prodesign — Simona Eva Saponara
Curated by — Luca Beatrice
Publisher — Skira editore
Publishing date
— September 2018
Art director — Sergio Pappalettera
Essays — Vittorio sgarbi, Beatrice De Martini, Giuseppe Cederna, Ron
Editor — Emily Ligniti
Artwork image processing — Paolo Ravalli
Photo — Toni Thorimbert, Marcella Milani, Graziano Perotti


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