If not now when
Special Mention Cose Belle Festival 2019



If not now when 2019, poster 30 x 30 cm
Cose Belle Festival 2019 — Exhibition — Museo MAM
25 – 30.10.2019 Cosenza


Illustration for Cose Belle Festival 2019.
Holding hands, hugging. It helps us to overcome the difficult circumstances.
We are eternally connected to each other.

Cose Belle Festival 2019 — Museo MAM, Cosenza

#artistipergenova2020 — Charity auction for Croce Bianca Genovese promoted by @mixta__— @cotonfiocfestival@caruggiacolori@wallinapp_genova@lazzarogallery@prismastudiogenova — Piazzetta Contemporanea — Entr’acte — Unimediamodern


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